Washing Your Home


Unless your home is brick, the siding was only made to withstand the water pressure of a heavy rain. When someone takes a power washer to that same siding, immense pressure is applied to the grain and water is pushed up into cracks and crevices that it would never have access to during a storm. The result is damaged siding that is now holding water. With time, the boards will swell and crack, leaving replacement as the only solution.

Rather than using a power washer to clean your home, we will use a Jomax solution and a simple garden hose to gently remove mildew and rinse the surface of your house. The time we spend carefully cleaning everything will also allow us the opportunity to closely inspect any existing wood rot or damage that needs to be addressed.

A power washer can be an excellent tool on the right surface, which is why we frequently employ one for brick homes, sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc.